Book - Olympic Pistol Shooting - German

All you need to know about pistol shooting.
220 pages, in colourmore than 1200 photos, drawings and graphics. National and international Top-Athletes in pictures; plus comprehensive studio shots of, olympic champions and world champions. With contributions from national coaches as well as 14 other prominent coaches and shooters. With up-to-date sections on Bundesliga, youth training, aiming analysis systems,ammunition test, mental training, coaching, ...

(German language only)

ISBN 3-9809746-6-9

Heinz Reinkemeier, Gaby Bühlmann, Dr. Alfred Konietzny, Peter Kraneis, Barbara Georgi, Alfons Messerschmirtt, Jan-Erik Aeply, Matthias Hahn, Uschi Seifert, Ulrich Eichstädt, Michel Ansermet, Ralf Schumann, Nino Salukvadze, Uwe Potteck, Dr. Robert Loke, Gretje Reinemer, Wolfram Kriegleder und Mike Hecker
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Manufacturer Itemno 405
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