About MEC

Plenty under one roof.

MEC in Dortmund, three letters which have become a legend in shooting circles orldwide. On two floors and now 700 square metres of the Hannöverschen Straße No. 22, a wide range of products and services encompassing the target shooting sports are on offer.

The core sector is the development and production of high-quality equipment items. Many of our ideas have been adopted and are valued both by top shooters and within the club environment.

The publishing house MEC currently offers 6 titles (in German language, 3 in English) which are regularly updated and which are being translated into ever more languages. Alongside are 25 teaching posters and other media such as relaxation programmes and video films. This catalogue is a further creation by our publishing operation. We also offer our photographic, information and effective advertising services to other concerns operating in this market.

Training possibilities for shooters of all performance classes - from beginner to world champion - are available on MEC’s modern airgun range. Positions, movement sequences and tactical-psychological details are communicated here at high level. Ammunition testing, the optimisation of rifles, fitting of shooting glasses and work with the SCATT-System, for which MEC is worldwide agent, are all part of the daily routine. The Internet becomes daily more important. On the website you can find both our products and lots of information about this sport. This catalogue can itself be browsed in the net, and here you can find all our latest product descriptions. We communicate with our customers throughout the world via the address www.mec-shot.de.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. In this sense you can view MEC as a living undertaking, which is active in almost all sectors of the shooting sports. We conduct high-performance sport and we develop our ‘hardware’, such as buttplates, high-quality stocks and rearsights, on the basis of our experience. The ‘software’ consists of teaching aids and the practical training opportunities. Our activities are based on our love of shooting in itself. Whether it be the qualification to the Olympic Games, the German Championships, or the bench-rest cup in the neighbouring village, millions of shooters around the world share the same basic problems, which one gets to grips with for better or for worse in every competition. Victory is not necessarily the most fascinating aspect; it is more the desire for the next chance, which once more oconfronts us with some hours of excitement...

The MEC Team with Maik Eckhardt & Heinz Reinkemeier
wish you good shooting.